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Hello beautiful soul, I am the face, body and soul behind Annique Journey. I want to share my journey with you because I know how lonely it can feel when you embark on self study, deconditioning from inauthenticity, and learning how to live a life of peace and freedom. Have I worked it all out? Not quite, but every day is an opportunity to reflect and gain further understanding, become a little wiser and closer to living out my life purpose through my journey. 

I used to psych myself out at 4 years of age, when I would think often about, "Why do we exist?", "Why am I here?", "What is the reason?". I have always been fascinated by the occult and mysticism in life for as long as I can remember. I am fascinated by all the things we think we know as humans and all the things we do not know for certain.

I was drawn to crystals, tarot cards, planets, and anything psychic or medium related as a child. A fan of the unknown and the meaning of life. I felt a little lost in my late twenties, so I went to therapy and became very interested in all these past interests again. I didn't know who I was other than working in a job that paid well (but felt soul destroying), and loving travel and adventure. Now that I know, I was going through my Saturn return in my 8th house Sagittarius it all makes so much makes sense. This fairly big life event happens every 29 years triggered the beginning of remembering and finding myself again. Thank God for that!

I was really drawn to Astrology and learning about my natal placements and gaining understanding about my character, my personality, my shadow aspects and challenges, as well as my purpose and connection to higher aspects of myself. It has helped me to understand my relationship with my family, friendships, partners and even my relationship patterns. I have been able to have foresight into the themes of my life that are coming up and why. It not only feels reassuring but like I have learnt what parts of me are authentic and which are learned behaviours that are not me at my core. I feel in power and understand that freewill and destiny do coexist. I have studied Astrology for over 6 years now, completed courses and have been a guest speaker for mentor courses and group membership circles that have had me on as a guest speaker about Astrology. The relation it has to self, your family, business and more, and how we can use it as an empowering tool to grow, develop and gain deeper awareness never ceases to blow my mind. 

Likewise, I have grown a very strong intuitive connection to Tarot, I read them through my higher self and guides and when reading for others I connect to their guides to help them gain clarity and connect to their own intuition. I love combining both Tarot and Astrology as I find they can go hand in hand. Kind of like Human Design (HD). I haven't studied this in detail but it makes so much sense and connects with Astrology. I know a couple of beautiful HD readers that will blow your mind. 

I have done Beginner and Advanced Psychic Mediumship courses and found that my Psychic connection is very strong so I also enjoy embracing this within my readings as well.

My other passion is healing, I am well and truly on a physical and mental healing journey lately and feeling drawn to Reiki and studying, I, II and Master Reiki courses has been a blessing in disguise. When I am not diving deep into readings or healing myself and others, I am in nature. I feel connected and a close bond with not only the sea but mountains, forests and the moon. I'm a huge sunset appreciator and fan of cemeteries, churches and old derelict buildings that hold many past secrets and stories.

If you are open and feel drawn to reconnecting to yourself and curious, inspired or drawn to these tools, I would love to here from you. I am inspired by a world where we take responsibility for our own life journey, innate awareness, authenticity, and acceptance of self and others. 

Big love, Anne xx

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