On a journey back to my unique self

I am the soul behind Annique Journey. I want to share my journey with you because I know life can have many challenges. In this world, the way it is designed, I think it is far too easy to forget who we are and not live in our truth or in alignment with our unique selves. Why? Because sometimes our desires and the pull we get in this lifetime feels outside the scope of the standard "norm", the mainstream narrative and societies conditioning. I decided to follow my own inuitive pull and have been living in a way that feels right for me and my soul journey. It is by no means easy, to go against the grain, but it is neccessary for me, even if sometimes I am misunderstood by family and friends.

I used to refer to myself as woo woo or hippy dippy, probably so I could feel "normal" and accepted with a nervous laugh from myself and others when I would sneak in a comment that I wanted to share, perhaps a Tarot or Astrology reference. To be honest, I have always felt energies around me and could tell when something felt off. Call it intuition or a deep inner knowing, perhaps even psychic - ok definitely psychic, we all are to some degree, I was fascinated by the occult and mysteries in life for as long as I can remember. I used to psych myself out a lot at 4 years of age, when I would think often about, "Why do we exist?", "What is the reason?".

I was drawn to crystals, tarot cards, planets, and anything psychic or medium related as a child. A fan of the unseen, ghosts, and the meaning of life. As so many of us do, I felt lost in my twenties but in hindsight I was preparing to find myself again, especially during my Saturn Return. I have always been creative and adore nature, more so recently, since living in Greece. I feel connected and have a close bond with not only the sea but forests and the moon. I'm a huge sunset appreciator and fan of cemeteries, churches and old buildings that hold many secrets and stories. I do find the beauty in everything, even if it looks "ugly" to some.

I guess I am an idealist that is interested in all things in life, especially the mysteries. Some people dedicate their lives to book study and providing factual answers, but often predecessor studies overwrite past findings (or at least find out more), so I feel there will always be questions out there without hard proven answers and facts.

I decided to start Annique Journey after receiving messages from others saying they felt inspired by my life adventures, following my heart, and my soul journey authentically. I hope to help inspire others to begin their own soul journey back to their unique self - to free their souls. I feel that the tools that I have used and the spiritual practices that I have studied, learnt, and developed can and will help others on their journeys. I would like to share these and connect with other inspiring souls. My biggest lessons to date are from both like minded and very different souls that have warmed me up and taught me more and more about life and all there is to experience.


Come on this journey with me and alongside me. I will help guide you to come back to yourself on your own soul free journey.