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Beautiful soul testimonials from my Tarot & Astrology clients

Marta Gepe - Solar Return Astrology written reading

“Omg Anne, I've already read my reading twice and I'm so impressed by the amount of detail and explanation. Thank you so much...I'm very honoured to trust you with this reading, it always feels so wonderful that even when you describe the challenges, you give me such a wholesome and empowering perspective! Thank you for putting so much care and attention into it."

The tarot card reading with Anne was amazing! Anne was so welcoming as soon as the call started and my nerves settled straight away. Anne then explained everything we would be doing during the reading and what she had out in front of her so I knew what to expect. She went above and beyond my expectations as it was the first time I had ever done this. Thank you Anne ❤️


Anne has a beautiful and natural spiritual connection to this universe. I have had Anne do numerous tarot readings for me, from afar in different countries and the way she can connect to me is something very special. Do yourself a favour and get a tarot reading or a reiki session done by this very special woman. 


I had a tarot card reading online with Anne with a written reply. I had chosen this option based on timezones and different locations in the world where we are based. Anne was very professional, friendly, respectful and replied in a timely manner. Anne had picked up on things happening in my life and things that were due to happen in my life that not many people know, this was picked up through the reading which helped me identify blocks in my mind & plans that I had unconsciously, in turn this has further helped me with guidance on my decisions from questioning myself. I would recommend anyone who is wanting a tarot reading online to get in touch with Anne to see how she can help you with reading your cards so you too can get the insight you need.

Amy Mckinnon (Kiwiastray)

What a beautiful and affirming reading. I'm new to tarot but Anne put me at ease immediately and explained everything in a a way I could understand. I super resonated with everything she said and felt my experience reflected in the cards. She didnt sugar coat anything but gave me practical next steps to integrate what I learned, which is so caring and helpful. It's just a beautiful experience - I highly recommend getting a reading from Anne for anyone who's looking for a bit of support and direction and reassurance in their journey. 


I honestly wasn’t sure what to expect from the reading, I have only done one before with my sister who was new to it and whilst I enjoyed it I hadn’t explored it since. When i saw our calendars aligned I just went for it and I’m so glad I did. Your energy and explanations of the different elements were brilliant, I really enjoyed our session and found it really cathartic - like my own version of therapy. Thank you so much for holiday that space for me. I’ve recommended you to friends and will definitely do more readings with you in the future ❤️


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