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Soul Journey tools and Soul Free Mentoring

Annique Journey is a soul healing journey. It encompasses my own unique soul journey. It is what I have discovered, learnt, built, embodied, let go of, and moved through thus far. It is the tools I use that help me each and everyday, that I know will help you to. I am passionate about all the knowledge and tools I have gained along the way, and am still collecting as I continue to evolve. They help me to understand me and make sense of my soul journey in this lifetime. This is a space for me to share my inner and soul healing with you. My words and thoughts. What inspires me, and what I know will give you inspiration, understanding, and hope in your own soul journey you are currently experiencing.

Annique Journey is for you if you feel a little lost or like you aren't living in alignment with who you really are. It is for anyone that is at the beginning, going through, or wanting to heal and dive deeper into their own existence. Just like you, I felt a strong call to explore and learn. To dive deeper and deeper into understanding who I was and why I was here. For me the mystical and spiritual world was calling me more and more. Spirtuality is important to me and helped me to get in touch with myself in a much deeper intimate way - still does as I am still on this journey, and expect to be all this lifetime. My hope is to help you begin your own healing journey, not only to mentor, discover, nurture and guide you, but be there for you, and help you understand yourself and free your soul. 

It is here, in this safe space where I can help guide you to free your soul and bring you back to your unique self away from societal conditioning that can keep us stuck and in the mainstream mist feeling blah and lost. I won't be doing the work for you, you must hold yourself accountable, however I will gently help guide you to shine the empowerment you already have within.


Let's go on a journey together. I will be the conduit for healing energy blockages through reiki, connecting in with your guides to give you intuitive psychic messages you haven't had the clarity or understanding of by yourself and teach you how to connect to them yourself. I will help you understand your soul blueprint from the exact moment when you were born into this life through the dance of the stars and planets, and help give you the confirmation and understanding you need through Tarot and Oracle intuitive readings. I promise I will share my wealth of knowledge, discovery, and love for spiritual healing, which is forever growing and evolving as I move along my own soul journey.


This is NOT for everyone, but if you feel called or something is pulling you towards spirituality in order to understand your soul and journey, and you feel ready, get in touch and let's have a chat about how we can begin to free your soul.

If you resonate and would like to know more about my offerings - my tools, and everything in between - please check out my offerings page and subscribe to my emails. 

Big love, Anne

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Slow and steady wins the race. It's a time to ponder deeply on all matters of your life, be present and trust in all changes the eclipse season will bring. Be gentle with yourself and take as long as you need to process all the finer details, but be sure to not become so stuck that you do not accept change and therefore transformation even if it feels like 'the tower', your core has to breakdown before rebuilding.

Annique Journey

Taurus Season
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