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Welcome to Annique Journey, a place for spiritual tools that focus on self-understanding and self-development. Strengthening your natural innate intuition and healing. To learn more about your authentic self and connect you to your innate soul wisdom.

Who are you? Why are you here? How do you want to live?  Do you feel a strong urge to self-heal and become whole in mind, body and spirit? 

Annique Journey provides you with acknowledgement, understanding, insight and connection back to your unique self. Let me introduce you to your own soul blueprint through the lens of Astrology, connect you deeper to your own higher self and intuition through Tarot and help you to heal through Reiki energy healing.

Why?  I have been on this journey myself for some time now and it has helped me to reconnect to my own soul journey, gain clarity, perspective and an innate trust in my connection to my soul purpose and guides. By stripping back the conditioned layers and helping our souls to evolve, live peacefully, and more aligned to our soul purpose, I truly believe we can heal ourselves and the world.

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Dear Beautiful soul, 

Firstly, thank you for asking yourself the big questions. It has lead you here to Annique Journey and ultimately to your own healing soul journey. I believe we are here to learn and further heal so our soul can progress in this lifetime and the next. There is a big shift in the world right now to gain your power back through self-healing, self-love, unlearning what no longer feels aligned and strengthening your innate intuition and knowing. The conditioning and traumas that we experience are here to teach us lessons and help us ultimately to reconnect to ourselves rather than live on autopilot and further disassociate from ourselves. I have found from my own experience the best starting point is to ask yourself, 'who am I?'. You are not your name or what you have been told to be. Get to know yourself, to heal yourself, to reparent yourself, to make self-care a priority and learn how to live in alignment with your soul. I found learning about myself through Astrology, has helped me accept and learn what is and isn't me. Tarot has helped me connect back to my innate intuition and trust myself and reiki has helped me to heal from trauma and stuck energy. If you feel like I can help you on your journey then let's connect. If you resonate and would like to know more about my offerings -the tools I use, and everything in between - please get in touch.


Big love, Anne xx

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"Life is a beautiful and challenging journey! To get to know yourself beyond conditioning, and strip away all which feels inauthentic is truly empowering. To heal, learn and become whole is to come back home to your authentic self and soul purpose journey".

Annique Journey

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