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My Hope for Annique Journey

What is the hope for any life journey, offerings and blog? To reach out to like minded souls that have the same interests as you? To inspire others to begin their own spiritual life journey? To share your own journey? To help give others value and support? The answer is, 'All of the Above'.

When I first started Annique Journey, my own journey back to my unique self, it wasn't easy. I didn't really understand what was happening or what I was doing, and even where to begin. I just knew I needed to start. Maybe some people feel the same because others have said to me, 'But how did you begin?', 'How do you know all that you now know?', 'How did you meet and make the contacts and connections you have?'. Followed by, 'I wish I knew how to start and where to look and what exactly I am trying to find'. I don't believe anyone knows what they are trying to find. Perhaps, a sense of meaning, however that looks. I think at a basic level, it is an understanding of ourselves that we really are trying to pursue, and with that an inner peace. The why, what, how, where, when questions in life that no one really has the answer to, other than our own selves.

You see, we all have the answers deep within, but we are so conditioned in society, from the beginning; at school, from our parental guides and upbringing, marketing, advertisements, rules - you name it. We learn to stop listening to ourselves, to not trust ourselves, to ignore the feelings and our bodies, and ultimately we give away our power. Over and over again, until we no longer know who we are, how we fit in and what we even want in life. There comes a time, when we feel so wounded and separated from ourselves and who we are that we question everything and everyone in society. When we get to this point, it is the beginning not the ending. The beginning of our journey back to ourselves.

A famous English playwright and poet, wrote a line for a lead character in one of his most popular playwrights, "What's in a name?". It is not who we are, we are so much more than our name and the history of our lineage of that name. We are all individual and we all have great minds that work differently. We are all influenced and taught the same things. Told to do this if we want to be great, and do that to be successful, but what if we really got to know ourselves and what feels right for us on an individual level? Unpacked all the conditioning and owned what makes us different and unique. Well, I think we would be living in alignment, connected to ourselves in such a deep way that we wouldn't be giving our power away anymore. We wouldn't be feeling lost and like each day is like groundhog day. We would start living. Start living in our truth. That is kind of beautiful. You are not your name, you're not a title, you're not here on this earth to be kept small. It is time to grow your wings.

It is not easy, nor is it always hard but it is life long. If I can help just one person - I guess at the beginning it was me - to find tools that resonate in helping you learn about who you are and why you are the way you are, then that is my hope for this blog and Annique Journey. I won't have all the answers for you, only you will have the answers. Yes, I also hate hearing this, GIVE me the ANSWERS damn it! However, I can help clarify, support, guide, hold space for you, listen, understand, and give you the hope we all need at the beginning.

Big love, Anne

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I feel a deep sense of trust reading your words ... and hope and love ❤️

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