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What Is A Life Journey? And Why Are They Important?

I have been thinking about this a lot recently and about what is the actual definition of, 'Life Journey'. I want to be super clear and transparent and begin from well the beginning. If I am going to talk about life journeys and my own life journey, I want everyone to be on board and understand what it means for me and for them.

We often hear the saying, "Life Is a Journey, Not a Destination", first coined by Ralph Waldo Emerson. But what does this really mean? Let's start with the definitions of, 'Life' and 'Journey':-

Life - the period between birth and death, or the experience or state of being alive.

Journey - the act of travelling from one place to another.

Ok, so 'life journey' is essentially the period between birth and death and the experiences we have throughout. Perhaps, you don't relate to the term, journey, maybe you prefer excursion, pilgrimage, voyage, adventure, odyssey, expedition and circuit or even just simply, 'Life', without 'Journey'. Call it what you will, but at the end of the day they all mean the same thing. I personally like to use the word journey because life in my eyes is a journey from the moment you are born and take your first breath, until the moment you take your last breath.

What about, 'destination'? Destination - the place to which someone or something is going or being sent.

So now you are probably thinking, yeah ok Anne, that's great, I obviously get all this, but why is it of any importance to me? What does this all mean for me? Well you are the narrator of your life, you decide what your life journey looks like and what you want and need along the way. You might want a house, a great job, marriage, a baby, these are all goals and dreams, and there is absolutely nothing wrong with any of these, but they can be things we feel like we need to tick off in order to be successful or to feel like we are living a fulfilled life. Often, the way we are brought up and conditioned in society, plus human nature -I will definitely discuss societal norms and conditioning in another blog post separately - give us a narrative we feel we need to follow.

It is of course really important to respect other's life journeys and try our hardest not to judge or compare them to our own. What can appear easy and lucky is not always. The grass is not always greener on the other side. Everyone has different journeys and even the most seemingly "trouble free" ones can still be riddled with difficulties. What I find challenging might be easy for someone else. That is ok, there is not one journey out there that is seamlessly "perfect". For a while now, I have been thinking about how I can help people to recognise and value their own life journey and not compare or feel lost along the way. I think it is important to note, every single one of us in this world are on our own unique journey. However, if you feel a little more lost lately or recently (like me at the end of my 20's or even now) then we tend to seek out help to understand not only ourselves but what our journeys may include.

Some people will go inwards and want to get to know themselves better by self reflecting and using self development. This can look like therapy, yoga, meditation and even some spiritual tools like tarot, reiki and astrology. This is where I can jump in and help you connect with yourself. To reconnect and trust yourself and your own life journey again. I cannot, nor can you, work out what our final destination is. You see we never really arrive at a final destination because we won't ever figure it all out, but we can decide to connect back to ourselves and choose to be in the moment without having it all worked out. We think the final destination matters the most but it really is our journey along the way that makes our life feel worthwhile.

Ultimately, the only way through this life journey that we are all on is by relinquishing control and letting the moments happen for us, not to us. We are all wired to strive for more and more, to consistently overcome obstacles and problems, but if we get too caught up in the smaller details we forget to live and enjoy the journey and everything that needs to unfold in order for us to learn, grow, and enjoy the process. It wont always be enjoyable and easy, but it is necessary.

The point of life is the journey.

The point of the journey is life.

Big love, Anne


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