Introductory Birthchart Written Report

Astrological guidance to your Soul Blueprint

  • 5 hours
  • 150 ευρώ
  • Written Report (10+ pages)

Service Description

This is for anyone that has their birthdate, birth time and birthplace and are interested in finding out more about where the planets were positioned at the exact time you were born, specifically your sun, moon, rising, chart ruler - plus your inner planets (Mercury, Mars, and Venus). I will also discuss your tightest orb aspect, and the important aspects to help give you guidance and gain clarity on who you are, and what your life purpose is. I will include whether you chart is day or night and the modalities and elements in your chart. This reading will help you see where you thrive in your life including in your career, relationships and friendships and what you may find more challenging so you can be prepared and ready to continue your journey to authenticity and what feels naturally aligned. You can include some questions you may have before I begin the written reading. If you are unsure of what to ask, l will happily help guide you with this if needed. I will study your birthchart in detail and prepare a custom written report to send to you that you can keep and refer to indefinitely. Please allow 5 business days to receive the report.

Contact Details

Athens, Greece