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Intro Child Natal Chart Written Report

Astrological guidance to your Soul Blueprint

  • 20 hr
  • 200 Australian dollars
  • Written Report (20+ pages)

Service Description

Let me introduce you to your child's unique soul blueprint. This is a great reading to learn about your child's personality, how the child sees the world and how they process their surroundings and communicate. From this reading you will learn the strengths and areas of difficulty that your child has as they grow and develop into and adult. I find these readings are really helpful in learning more about your child and can understand them more so you can help guide them in their life to their full potential as they grow. You will need your child's birthdate, birth time and birthplace. You will learn where the planets were positioned at the exact time they were born, specifically the sun, moon, rising, chart ruler - plus inner planets (Mercury, Mars, and Venus), Jupiter and Saturn. This reading will be best after you have understanding of your own birth chart so that I can bring up your own birth chart to see how some aspects of your childs will work with your own and which parts may be harder for you to understand so you can gain further understanding. Having questions and discussion are encouraged as well and I can happily help guide you with this if needed. I will study your child's birth chart in detail and prepare a custom written report to send to you that you can keep and refer to indefinitely. Please allow 2 weeks to receive the report, which will be sent via email as pdf.

Contact Details


10 Lamont Street, Wangaratta VIC, Australia

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